How It Works

Hi! You're welcome to your one stop shop for everything nice! At Foodie, our goal is to help you access the best of meals available online in a fast, secure, and effortless manner. We researched the online food ordering landscape in Nigeria and discovered that a lot of restaurants do not have a page through which prospective consumers like you can order and take advantage of online payment channels in a secure environment.

Asides from those features, there's virtually no service right now that guarantees the delivery of your meal, and on time as well. Furthermore, there are no services to help you suggest and discover fantastic recipes closest to you with solid recommendations and reviews.

All these we promise and more. We are foodies at heart. We love food and the ability to have the best meals whenever and wherever we are. So please, be rest assured, you're going to have a lovely ride with us!


  • OK! I like what I hear, how can I become a part of Foodie?

    We’re glad you’d like to join us. Please begin by creating a profile of yourself. Your profile on Foodie would us create and process your orders much faster. You’ll be able to save preferred delivery locations; curate a list of preferred restaurants and have your own personalized order list; track your orders via text and emails; fund your personal wallet and save a debit card for faster checkout.

  • I have created my user profile so what’s next?

    As a user, your profile is the pathway to getting the best experience possible on the platform. Within your profile, you can go ahead to reorder previously ordered meals; edit, delete or create new delivery locations; top up your Foodie wallet for even faster checkout; access past orders and restaurants; view your current order status.

  • I have a Foodie profile and I’d like to make an order.

    Great! We’re here to make your ordering process as smooth as possible. Please start by going to the link provided by your preferred restaurant (we recommend you bookmark this link). When you’re on this page, please make your selection of available items for sale and proceed to checkout. At the checkout stage, please select your preferred delivery time (or date) and location, and pay the required fees. Please note that your account will only be debited when the restaurant accepts your order.

  • I have made my order, what goes on behind the scenes?

    You will be notified by a pop-up notification and an email on successfully completing an order. Your order is directed to the restaurant which has to either accept or reject your order within 10 minutes. If the restaurant is capable of processing your order within the requested time, then you should get a popup notification and an email saying this, along with a debit alert from your bank stating the exact amount of money debited from your account. In the email, you will be notified if your order has been accepted or not, and the time required to deliver. If the restaurant believes that it can’t process your order within the said time, you will get an email saying so. Please note that your account won’t be debited on rejection of placed order.

  • My order has been placed successfully and is currently being processed by the restaurant, what can I do while I wait?

    Great you’ve come this far without a hitch. While waiting for your order to be completed by the restaurant, you can follow the progress of your order via the Foodie dashboard. The order status will change state periodically to indicate the current status of the order. There are currently 4 available states: “xx,” “xx,” “xx,” “xx,”

  • Hooray! I finally got my order and I’m happy with it!

    We’re glad you’re happy, remember to change the state of the order to indicate “Delivered” as soon as you get the text saying so from the restaurant. You can as well ignore the text as long as you’re happy with the meal. The order will change to completed automatically.

  • I didn’t get my order AT ALL?

    If you did not receive your order at all, please make a complaint to [email protected] or call our hotline 0906125641 to resolve the complaint. Also, be rest assured that the cost of all undelivered orders will be refunded within 24 hours.

  • I got a text saying my order has been delivered but I’m yet to receive it, what can I do?

    If you got a text saying your order has been delivered but you’re yet to receive such order, please make a complaint to [email protected] or call our hotline 0906125641 to resolve the complaint. Please ensure you do so within 1 hour of receiving such unwarranted text.

  • I got my order in time but I do not think it as good as advertised, what can I do?

    We’re sorry you feel that way but we do not currently offer refunds for such cases. That’s because taste and quality can be subjective, we only recommend that you do not order meals from such restaurant going forward. Interestingly, there are several other restaurants you can try out. One of our key cornerstones here at Foodie is exploring tastes — so, happy EXPLORING!