How It Works

To put simply, Foodie was created to be your technological partner. That’s our aim and long term goal. The services we provide - both now and in the future – have been tailored to help you increase the efficiency of your operations, reduce redundancy and connect you to your clients easier and faster. We give you the “edge” in the food ordering and delivery market – the ability to outperform and out-compete your rivals while growing your business to previously unimaginable heights.  

With Foodie, you can set-up and launch your very own online kitchen and be ready to receive orders and payments in less than 5 minutes! We will propel your brand to those who need and await your services, and also help increase your business discoverability and client conversion rates. Foodie has made it extremely easy for prospective clients to discover your unique page and services, you have your own personalized URL you can share yourself which will lead clients directly to your page, we also advertise all kitchens and restaurants available on our platform periodically – including yours. Additionally, there's a unique service which will help promote your own personal kitchen both on and off the platform for a token so that you can get started the very first day you open shop! 

We have developed a robust ordering management system to help you manage both pre-orders and instant orders in a way that enables you to streamline your operations and derive maximum benefits. You can set up when you would like to receive orders, what type of orders you’d like to receive, where you deliver, when you deliver and every other nuance associated with the process. The goal here is to enable you to create an automated system that helps you receive and manage your orders and delivery even while you sleep! 

Awesome right?! But our story doesn’t end there, now and into the foreseeable future, we will continue to provide vital tools, resources, and services that would enable you to take full advantage of the internet and tech in your business, and unlock even greater earning opportunities. If that sounds like what you need for your kitchen or restaurant, then click on that ‘Get Started’ button RIGHT NOW!


  • Hi! I just discovered Foodie and I’m wondering how it will help grow my business.

    Welcome! We’re just as excited to bring you on board. To put it simply, we’re here to make your restaurant rock! Foodie is a software-as-a-service platform created to help you manage your online customers, orders, payments and deliveries for food related items. The service is designed to mirror the expectations of the modern consumer — considering how sensitive people are with their food and the entire food handling process. The goal of the service is to help you meet and exceed those expectations while optimizing your service and improving your profitability to help you capture the modern consumer (people who order food online).

  • OK! I like what I hear, how can I become a part of Foodie? (Creating a User Profile)

    We’re glad you’d like to join us. Please begin by creating a profile of yourself, you can only create a restaurant by first creating a profile of yourself. With this profile, you’ll be able to save preferred delivery locations; curate a list of preferred restaurants and have your own personalized order list; track your orders via text and emails; fund your personal wallet and save a debit card for faster checkout should you choose to order from any other restaurant on the platform.

  • I have created my user profile, so what’s next? (Creating a Restaurant Page)

    The next thing to do is to create a “create a page.” This can be found in the top right corner on your dashboard. Creating a page will help you set up your online restauntrant in full. In this process, you’d be asked to provide the name of your restaurant, preferred username and password, and upload a banner image. We will be discussing the various aspects of creating and optimizing your restaurant in subsequent FAQs.

  • I have created my restaurant page, so what’s next (Creating an Outlet)

    The next thing you’d be prompted to do is to create an "outlet" or “location.” Foodie has been designed to accomodate large chain restaurants with multiple locations so that it’s easy to manage your individual sister restaurants from a single dashboard. At this stage of creating a location/oulet, you would be required to identify the closest landmark to your restaurant on the map, which may be a popular building, hotel, or bank (we recommend you select your restaurant’s location on the map If it has been previously added to Google maps). Put in other relevant details such as your restaurant’s address, street name, city, state and country. Finally you’d be required to input your service radius, which is how far you’d like to deliver. Please input a distance you know you’d be able to cover or deliver to at anytime so as not to disappoint your clients — we recommend you limit this to a few kilometers (i.e., 2 - 5).

  • The Restaurant Dashboard, what about it?

    The restaurant dashboard is where and how you manage your restaurant. Here you will find the total number of page views, the total number of orders you’ve received so far on the platform, and your total wallet balance and history. It is from the restaurant dashboard you’ll be able to access your individual restaurant locations and set up them up as you please by utilizing the various easy-to-use tools we’ve created for you.

  • How can I access and set-up each Outlet (Restaurant Location)?

    Outlets (your individual restaurant locations) are the base or “powerhouse” of your operations. Outlets can be accessed via the Restaurant Dashboard under “Page Locations” on the left hand panel. Here, you can create as many locations as you require, and you can also click on each Restaurant Location (Outlet) to access and edit it. For each outlet, you can view the total number of page views, the total number of pending orders and the total amount of revenue generated by that particular location. Asides from those tools, you can as well access outlet specific tasks such as setting up meals, meal categories, managing orders, wallet, and other location specific tasks and tools.